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As part of my Ayahuasca editorial, “The Wisdom of Ayahuasca”, this photo represents “The Purge” when taking  the medicine. Photo by Jodi Jones for Beautiful Savage Magazine. A cool indie art & fashion magazine based in Williamsburg Brooklyn.

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I love to gather inspiration for my shoots from what is currently going on in my life.  For this black and white photo, I had been researching Ayahuasca (the medicinal plant used by shamans in ceremonial spiritual gatherings).  Around the same time, the editor-in-chief, Chad Saville, of the Williamsburg Brooklyn based art & fashion magazine, Beautiful Savage, asked me if I would shoot a fashion editorial for his magazine.  The theme of the issue was “Ceremony”.  

I created the entire fashion editorial concept around having an ayahuasca experience.  

In this photo, the model is going thru “death of one’s self”, and that is being represented in the photograph thru the use of the white body paint, stone-like frozen posing, the pure white transparent clothing, and the hair cemented straight up to represent the model’s spirit transporting to another dimension. 

Photo by me, JODI JONES

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I think looking at life through a lens makes the little everyday things seem more special. I NEED to focus on the beauty around me, not what’s in my head. Like my pretty neon shoelaces :)